Hands on Training

We at RSI believe that students can benefit from working with their hands more than reading a book and listening to a lecture. We also believe that before a person can successfully work with their hands, they must know something about what they are attempting to do. Therefore we use a combination of the two to give attention to theory, basic principles, safety procedures, etc., and the “shop” time is used to apply this knowledge. The desired result is a graduate who understands how and why something works, and has enough practical hands-on training to use this understanding in analyzing and solving any problems presented.

E-STAR System

Trouble-shooting is essential for any technician to solve a problem, regardless of the job or industry. In fact, the best technicians are often the best troubleshooters. With the E-STAR system of troubleshooting, a student gets hands-on experience troubleshooting electrical problems. In an industry where 80% to 90% of all problems are electrical, it is easy to see how important this training can be!

Faculty and Staff Who Care

Every employee at The Refrigeration School, Inc. cares about your progress and success. We will use all our training and experience to help you attain success. Of course, you will have to put forth a great deal of effort to reach your goals, but you will have the assistance and support of RSI, as a student and as a graduate.