Learn a Valuable Trade Serving a Growing Market

Residents of Tempe, Arizona know how hot it can get, and they know how important a good air conditioning system is to their comfort and health. Without adequate climate-control, indoor temperatures would soon become dangerously high, and interior conditions would be unbearable. Service technicians who are able to repair and maintain climate control systems are invaluable in Tempe’s dry, desert climate.

RSI makes getting your HVAC/R diploma easy if you are willing to work hard and strive to do well in class. Now is a great time to enter a cooling program at RSI near Tempe, and RSI offers both day and evening courses to suit most people’s hectic daily lives.

Those who want a career in heating and cooling need training to meet the HVAC/R certification requirements and enrolling in a heating and air conditioning course can provide the education needed to earn those certifications.

Retraining Yourself for a Successful HVAC/R Career

You can earn your certification in as little as 9 months if you are able to attend our daytime AC Courses, or attend our evening classes and graduate in approximately 13 months. RSI does its best to fit your busy schedule, and condenses its cooling program into an intense, concentrated curriculum geared towards getting you out into your new cooling and heating career in as little time as possible.

With our E-STAR system and hands-on training, students leave RSI prepared to work in entry-level heating and cooling positions  after graduation. E-STAR was designed by RSI, and it allows instructors to pre-program common electrical problems with AC equipment so that the students learn the fastest, best way to diagnose a system that is not operating properly.

If you are considering a cooling or heating career, we encourage you to tour our campus in Phoenix near Tempe to see all that RSI has to offer. Your visit may the first step towards a new career that can provide you with more versatile job skills. Going back to school now and getting your HVAC/R diploma may open up doors that were otherwise closed to you, and give you a chance to change your life for the better.

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