I Need a Job ASAP: HVAC Companies Are Hiring

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The HVAC industry is doing relatively well and even during the pandemic, in some places, it was “business as usual for HVAC employees.”

If you need a job ASAP, keep reading to see why the skilled trades could be a good option for men and women.

Job Security in Essential Fields

There is a sense of job security for people working in what are considered “essential” industries. HVAC falls under the category of “critical infrastructure,” meaning HVAC technicians have a “special responsibility” to maintain a normal work schedule, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Most people would consider their jobs essential to some aspect of society, but in this pandemic, “essential” work means work that is necessary to meet the basic human needs of survival and well-being. Obviously, nurses and doctors are extremely essential in a pandemic, but so are food production workers and refrigeration technicians who keep society functioning.

Looking for a Job? Consider Skilled Trades

Air, water and electrical services are always necessities, pre-pandemic and post-pandemic. Skilled trades jobs like plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration and electrical are immune to downturns in the economy, including those brought on by health crises such as COVID-19. Society will always need running water, plumbing, electricity, refrigeration—and the workers who keep all of these essential amenities running.

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HVAC workers play an important role in the heating and cooling of homes and businesses. Skilled trades workers like plumbers and electricians keep residences and buildings operating in a safe and sanitary manner. Because of the importance of air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing and electrical services, the skilled trades are proving quite resilient during this pandemic.

HVAC Companies in Need of Employees

Abacus Plumbing in Houston, Texas, for example, is looking to bring on new licensed technicians, even in the height of the unemployment crisis.

“We need more quality service people to ensure Texas homeowners get the best help we can provide during this trying time,” says Abacus CEO Alan O’Neill. “Since our positions are essential to the economy, even during this pandemic we continue to grow.”

An HVAC installation company, WireNut Home Services, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is also immediately hiring employees. The company is looking to add employees to fill roles such as HVAC installers, electrical installers, electrical service technicians and plumbers.

Consider Investing in Skilled Trades Training

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While some companies like WireNut Home Services in Colorado Springs may hire someone with no experience for on-the-job training, other companies like Abacus Plumbing in Houston, Texas, will require applicants to be licensed technicians. If you are considering making a career transition to the skilled trades, you may consider investing in HVAC training to learn entry-level skills for your new profession.

At The Refrigeration School, you can complete Refrigeration Technologies training in just six months. With no end in sight to this pandemic, investing in a career path as resilient as the skilled trades could be one way to get back on your feet and start increasing your job prospects ASAP.

Trent Urban, owner of WireNut, is urging people to take advantage of the opportunities in trade jobs. He says he hopes that people who are ready to go back into the workforce will realize “that there is an opening for them.”

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